Los Angeles Housing Partnership – Food Bank Distribution Program

  • LA Housing Partnership’s food program has been providing hunger relief since 2000
  • The food distributions serve an average of 385 households each month in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Pacoima
  • 35 volunteers give their time each month to assist with the food distributions

2016 proved to be a year when more people than ever sought out LA Housing Partnership’s food distribution program. By the end of the year we expect to have served approximately 14,100 individuals – a 24% increase from 2015.

Participants receive monthly groceries including protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, bread, milk products and other nutritional necessities. In addition to its regular monthly distributions, each year LAHP provides holiday distributions at Thanksgiving and Christmas which usually include a whole chicken and fixings for special dinners! Occasionally LAHP distributes donations of clothing, household items, personal care items and toys.

LA Housing Partnership began its food distribution program in 2000 by serving the residents of the Bryson Apartments and the surrounding communities of Koreatown and MacArthur Park. In 2009, LAHP expanded its distributions to a second site at its Hollywood property Bronson Court and in 2010 added a third site at its senior property, Rosewood Gardens. In May 2016, we launched a fourth distribution site at Moonlight Villas Apartments for Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) in Pacoima. As of 2012, Coronado Plaza Apartments in MacArthur Park serves as the permanent dry food pantry for all four distribution sites. This location offers a new, safe and secure environment, a large inner courtyard and community room to distribute food and host holiday events!

The Foodbank programs are operated under the leadership of LA Housing Partnership’s Resident Service Coordinator, Richard Kennemer, and with the help of over 35 volunteers.

LAHP takes pride in its food distribution program and looks forward to continuing its efforts to provide critical food staples to those in need! We are grateful to our many volunteers and partners.

Previous and Current Foodbank Partners
Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
Los Angeles City Council District 1
Former City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency
Rosewood United Methodist Church (RUMC)
Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) Youth Center

Foodbank History
2000 – LA Housing Partnership was approved as a distributing agency of the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank to provide food assistance for its very low income residents. The initial distribution program was small in scale, designed for 100 needy residents at the Parkview Hotel who received basic food staples such as rice, beans, soup and canned vegetables.

2007 – The food bank distribution moved to the open air parking lot behind the historic Bryson Apartments, centrally located in the MacArthur Park neighborhood.

2008 – Distribution increased to a monthly average of 500 low-income individuals, seniors, and people who were homeless.

2009 – LA Housing Partnership received a generous two-year grant from the California Community Foundation (CCF) to expand its Food Bank Program to a second location in Hollywood at Bronson Court Apartments; and as of June 2009, in collaboration with Shelter Partnership, started providing clothes, household supplies, furniture and basic toiletries. LA Housing Partnership served over 11,500 people in 2009.

2010 – LA Housing Partnership launched its third distribution site at Rosewood Gardens Senior Affordable Housing serving residents and community members as well as operating under a strong volunteer partnership with the neighboring church, Rosewood United Methodist Church (RUMC).

2012 – LA Housing Partnership moved its MacArthur Park/Bryson distribution to the new Coronado Plaza Apartments and established a permanent food pantry for its program!

2016 – LA Housing Partnership launched its fourth distribution site at Moonlight Villas in Pacoima.