Completed Communities

New Construction
Bronson Court – Family Apartments
Carson Terrace – Senior Apartments
Rosewood Gardens – Senior Apartments
Seven Maples – Senior Apartments
Seventh & Coronado – Family Apartments
Tides – Senior Apartments

Acquisition and Rehabilitation
Ashwood – Family Apartments
Avenida Terrace – Family Apartments
Casa Rampart I and II – Apartments  
Coralwood Court – Family Apartments
Genesee Court – Family Apartments
Hojas de Plata – Senior Apartments
Noble Pines – Family Apartments
Orangewood Court – Family Apartments
Parkview on the Park – Single Room Occupancy
Simone Hotel – Single Room Occupancy
Villas del Castillo – Single Family Homes
White Oak Apartments – Family Apartments

Historic Preservation
Asbury – Mixed Income Apartments
Bryson – Family Apartments
West Hollywood Fire House No. 7 – Apartments

Community Centers
Bill Cruz Early Education Centers
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness Headquarters Building
Heart of Los Angeles “HOLA” Youth Center